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Hotel Balneario de Lanjarón


The Mozarabs were the first to enjoy these crystal clear waters and those who gave the name of Lanjarón to this privileged oasis.

The healthy properties of the waters of Lanjarón were recognized from 1770 but it was in the 19th century that the fame of the establishment spread and that its springs were exploited in a therapeutic and continuous manner. During that century it acquired renown nationally and internationally by appearing at the Universal Exhibitions of Paris in 1878 (in which it received the silver medal in its category) and Barcelona in 1888.

In the early twentieth century, Lanjarón was the must for the wealthiest of the time: the meeting point and accommodation of the kings, queens and well-known characters such as Virginia Wolf, BetrandRusell, Manuel de Falla or Federico García Lorca. The emblematic building of springs was built in 1928, when it began its apogee that lasted until the sixties of the last century.


Lanjarón opens the doors of the Alpujarra, a region located between Sierra Nevada and the Mediterranean Sea, presenting in its splendor a diversity of contrasts at all year. Its villages with white houses and cobbled streetsform a varied and different corner. These villages preserve its peculiar ways of life and a picturesque aspect, heritage of the Andalusian legacy. The town of Lanjarón is known for the quality and diversity of the water that emerges from this place, considered as the water of life, health and eternal youth. The courses of the waters that descend from the impressive mountain range of Sierra Nevada, home to the highest peaks of the Iberian Peninsula, create a landscape of contrasts. This natural area was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

In addition to being an ideal place for relaxation, this region has a wide range of activities to enjoy the environment. The GR-7 route, a long-distance path that links Andalusia with Andorra, starts at La Ragua and ends at Lanjarón (where the GR-142 also goes). Among the sports that can be developed in the area are climbing, mountaineering, skiing, mountain biking, horse riding, free flight, canoeing and fishing.

Crafts, gastronomy and festivals are part of the traditions and customs that the area has preserved, creating its own identity and being a claim for tourists who come every year to enjoy them. Alpujarra cuisine is a claim in itself: the jam ofTrevélez, always present in the consistent "Alpujarra dish", the high quality wines extracted from the land and the Arab pastry delighted with honey.

The monumental city of Granada is just 49 kilometers from Lanjarón, completing the cultural diversity that the area offers.


BALNEARIO DE LANJARÓN S.A. has demonstrated its commitment to quality and the environment during this last decade: * In 2010, it obtained the ISO 14001, that certifies the implementation of an Environmental Management System integrating it with the current Quality System by complying with the quality standard for Thermal Stations as well as the UNE-EN ISO 14001: 2004 standard jointly. * In 2012, it has obtained ISO 14001.

Recently it has implemented an energy efficiency project that will allow all the energy used in the Spa and its Hotel to be covered by its solar panels (almost 600 square meters) or by its biomass boiler. With these installations, the company drastically reduces the emissions of 200 tons per year of CO2 into the atmosphere. This will try to meet the needs and expectations of all its customers as well as demonstrate an attitude committed to respecting the environment and preventing pollution.

* With the scope of performing balneotherapy techniques and other techniques in spa facilities.

The commitment of the Management of BALNEARIO DE LANJARÓN, S.A. with the Quality and Environmental Management System is based on the following principles:

- Utilization of mineral-medicinal waters declared of public utility by the Competent Administrations.

- Permanent control of the quality of the mineral-medicinal waters used for the application of the balneotherapeutic techniques and the rest of the techniques that are carried out in the Spa.

- Detection of the client's expectations and satisfaction of their needs through the permanent monitoring of their satisfaction. - Satisfaction of the internal client, understanding as internal client all the members of the organization as recipients of the work of others.

- Integrate environmental management into the daily activity of balneotherapy and its associated processes, using environmental criteria documented in the planning and decision-making processes.

- Guarantee the existence, at all times, of a professional care team and of treatments by defining the professional requirements of the personnel as well as through the continuous training of the personnel.

- Active participation of personnel in the implemented Quality and Environmental Management System and its improvement through the communication of quality and environmental objectives and goals as well as the results achieved as well as through the treatment of their suggestions and comments.

- Promote a greater degree of awareness and awareness for environmental protection of the environment through internal and external training, and collaboration with authorities, institutions and civic associations.

- Comply and ensure compliance, through follow-up actions, with the legal requirements as well as with the environmental commitments acquired based on the environmental aspects and impacts identified.

- Perform the periodic review of the environmental behavior and the safety of the facilities, communicating the results obtained.

- The permanent concern for hygiene and safety through the establishment of all necessary safety and hygiene measures as well as through the necessary maintenance of all facilities.

- Rational use of resources (water, electricity, diesel, chemicals, paper ...), reduce and control emissions, the production of waste, discharges and other environmental impacts, through the application of continuous improvement actions and operational control procedures, as well as through the establishment of environmental objectives and goals, making the installations and associated activities more respectful with the environment.

- Demanding contractors and suppliers to implement environmental actions consistent with these principles.

- The permanent monitoring of the quality levels of the services established through the management of the processes of the organization that add value to it.

- The continuous improvement of all the services provided by the Spa by means of the efficient use of all the accumulated information derived from the Quality and Environmental Management System. For all this, annually, the Direction of BALNEARIO DE LANJARÓN reviews the adequacy of this policy, as well as the compliance and setting of new objectives and goals.

This Quality and Environmental Policy is communicated to personnel, to companies that provide services on behalf of it and publicly disseminated through different means.